IVIG Home Infusions for PANS Children: 10 Ways to a Better Day

More children with PANS / PANDAS are receiving their IVIG infusions at home than ever before since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Despite even the best sanitization protocols and social distancing measures at hospital outpatient infusion clinics and stand-along clinics, many parents feel that home is safer for their immune compromised children. This shift to home […]

Receiving a proper PANS diagnosis much too often comes after numerous wrong diagnoses — from autism to mood disorder to oppositional defiance disorder and everything in between — followed by medications and therapy interventions that fail to target the root problem. Such was the case for my son, Aidan, beginning with a mood disorder diagnosis […]

PANDAS Flares: 10 Ways to Detect, Contain and Treat

Whether PANDAS flares strike overnight or take a few days to make their presence known, it’s easy to panic when we don’t know how long the recurring symptoms will last, whether new symptoms will surface, or even what triggered this relapse. Often times dwelling on the unknowns escalates an already stressful situation, while focusing on […]

This blog post is intended to be an open message for all dads who help care for a child with PANS or PANDAS — beginning with this Rocky Balboa video.  So, did you identify with Rocky? Or, the punching bag?When I showed this video to my husband, I honestly could not stop laughing as […]

PANDAS Affects Siblings Too: Connecting Through Pain

Until my older children angrily vocalized that life in our home was no cake walk for them either, I hadn’t realized the degree to which PANDAS affects siblings also. Siblings of children with PANS and PANDAS have their own story to tell about these pediatric autoimmune diseases—they are patients too. The brothers and sisters living […]

Don't Let PANDAS Cripple Your Marriage

Raising a child with PANDAS can cripple a marriage–some marriages are even destroyed. Although my husband and I are working to rekindle our marriage after 12 years of upheaval associated with having a raging, aggressive and obstinate PANS child, I must admit that at one point I didn’t know if our marriage would survive. There […]

Guilt Be Gone: You Are Doing Your Best

There is no room in motherhood for guilt. I’ll never forget when I first heard these prolific words. Aidan was two years old and burned his right palm on a clothes iron that I had placed on my nightstand – and turned my back on. Less then five seconds later, the damage was done. His […]