Families and PANDAS

PANDAS Flares: 10 Ways to Detect, Contain and Treat

Whether PANDAS flares strike overnight or take a few days to make their presence known, it’s easy to panic when we don’t know how long the recurring symptoms will last, whether new symptoms will surface, or even what triggered this relapse. Often times dwelling on the unknowns escalates an already stressful situation, while focusing on […]

This blog post is intended to be an open message for all dads who help care for a child with PANS or PANDAS — beginning with this Rocky Balboa video.  So, did you identify with Rocky? Or, the punching bag?When I showed this video to my husband, I honestly could not stop laughing as […]

PANDAS Affects Siblings Too: Connecting Through Pain

Until my older children angrily vocalized that life in our home was no cake walk for them either, I hadn’t realized the degree to which PANDAS affects siblings also. Siblings of children with PANS and PANDAS have their own story to tell about these pediatric autoimmune diseases—they are patients too. The brothers and sisters living […]