PANDAmonium: A Chaos Like No Other

Welcome to PANDAmonium – my blog, that is, not the lives we lead as parents of children with PANS or PANDAS. Chances are that if you’ve found my blog, then you and I have a lot in common.

We have seen our children suffer from ticks, OCD, anxiety, food pickiness, rages, aggression, depression and for too long could not find a doctor who could make a proper diagnosis.

We have jumped through hoops of fire to find help for our children. Even worse, maybe you haven’t found a healthcare professional who could help your child, and you are still desperately searching.

We have pushed ourselves beyond complete exhaustion to care for our children – even when they are screaming at us and tearing apart our homes.

We have cried endless nights, wondering if our kids will ever get better and if our families will outlast the suffering.

Some of us have even seen our children endure lengthy psychiatric hospital stays, only to be misdiagnosed and prescribed medications intended to address the symptoms; however, they don’t even mask the symptoms. Rather, we are left helplessly watching our children suffer endless periods of psychosis – still, with no answers.

PANS or PANDAS has infiltrated our lives, and we need one another to not only heal our children, but to raise awareness so that these disorders are no longer misdiagnosed, and the recommended treatments are no longer denied insurance coverage.

Power in Numbers—And I don’t Mean Titers

I’m glad you’re here. I intend to build a community of parents and caregivers of children who have PANS or PANDAS. I want to help all of us make pathways that lead to increased awareness and education about these disorders.

I believe that PANS and PANDAS are epidemics among today’s pediatric populations. These disorders are not rare. Rather, they are rarely diagnosed, and insurance companies consistently deny coverage for recommended treatments. All of this must change, and it is up to us to be agents of this change.

This blog post is my first step to become part of the movement to initiate such change. I hope that you will join me in this journey. Let’s support one another as we continue to fight for our children and take this battle to the next level – to our pediatricians, school nurses, state legislators and insurance companies.

MJ Keatts is a mom of three – one of whom inspired her to start this blog. A journalist by trade, minimalist at heart, and a stunt girl in her dreams, MJ proudly admits that she’s learned more from her kids and husband than she could ever teach them herself. She loves to laugh – especially at herself – and one day hopes to amaze her husband and be ready on time.

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  1. Fantastic job! This is not a ride any of us ever wanted to get on and once your on all you ever want to do is get off! So glad I’m not on this ride alone anymore! PRAI gave me my life back and I can’t thank you enough for all you are doing and continuing to do on behalf of all our children. Love ya like a sister, sister in arms!


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