Please reach out!

I’ve been where you are. Trust me. I understand the isolation. I’ve lived through the desperation. I have felt the intense anger. I have pushed through the frustration.

I get it. I really do.

I’m just one person, but as much as I possibly can, I want to offer moms, dads and caregivers living in the hell that I call PANDAmonium a listening ear, at least an ounce of direction, and a voice of encouragement.

Since my son was diagnosed with PANS in February 2016 following a 10-day psychiatric hospital stay, I have seen a dramatic uptick in the amount of information shared via social media about kids like Aidan. Moms and dads from around the world are sharing their PANS nightmares and their success stories. Our precense on social media, as well as in the community, is helping to spread awareness and pave the way for interventions for our children.

I hope to build a unique online community through my blog that keeps moms and dads moving forward for our children — not only to find sustained healing for our own children, but to increase awareness in our communities so that other children are diagnosed and treated more promptly than ours.

We all know that the sooner the proper diagnosis is made and effective treatment is initiated, the better the outcome for the child.

And that is all we want — the best outcome for our children.

Please reach out.

MJ Keatts is a mom of three โ€“ one of whom inspired her to start this blog. A journalist by trade, minimalist at heart, and a stunt girl in her dreams, MJ proudly admits that she’s learned more from her kids and husband than she could ever teach them herself. She loves to laugh โ€“ especially at herself โ€“ and one day hopes to amaze her husband and be ready on time.